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Video Production in Gastonia, NC

We produce high quality video for use in almost any type of environment. Whether for TV, training, marketing or fun we can deliver engaging content with stunning graphics that will be sure to deliver the wow factor you are looking for. With the ever-increasing popularity of online video, no business or persona can afford to let the opportunity to engage customers through the video medium get away. As costs decrease in both online video and television advertising and the use of web-based commercials and infomercials grows, it has almost become a necessity to advertise and promote your product or service through the use of video. Videos have made people stars and turned company names or slogans into household words literally overnight. No other medium has ever offered that opportunity to as wide an audience as video has. The time to act is now. The sooner you begin to market through video, the sooner you will realize success. Please take a look below at some of the videos we Have produced and visualize your own concept. When you are ready to make your success a reality, contact us and we will help you create a video concept that will ignite your target audience and create a lasting effect in the minds of your viewers.

(**Seven Degrees Media, Peartree Films, Starship Films, The Adobe Minute, CharlotteHomesandGardens, DogDarez, Guyslikeus and GastonDigital are my brands. I have consolidated under Gaston Digital now, but you will see those names branding a lot of my work.)

A Recent Intro Created for a client


The Adobe Minute – Javascript series

Visit the Adobe Minute on YouTube and watch all of my training videos:
The Adobe Minute

New Demo Reel

High Definition Demo Reel featuring clips from many different sources including training and corporate clips.




New Special Effects Reel

High Definition Demo Reel featuring internet sensation Adam The Woo and some special effects cuts of one of his recent videos. Special effects are in the last minute of the video. The first two minutes just show some lower thirds and branding layovers, etc.


Newer Intros and Animation Clips

Newer clips I originally produced in full HD (1920×1080) though they have been reduced to Lower Resolution HD (1280×720) for use online. You can still choose to view them in HD on the player.


View Samples on our YouTube Page.

watch us on youtube View Us on youtube


Commercial Advertisements

Video ads for various organizations




Video Training

Part of a series called the adobe minute I used in training programs and as a web demo.


Corporate Branding Videos Playlist

Older branding and infomercial type videos produced for a local software firm and a manufacturer I worked for.


Older Intros and Animation Clips

Older series of video clips I made. These are NTSC Standard size video. (720×480)


Extreme Sports Clips

Myself, son and brother as well as some friends having fun with some extreme sports.