UI/UX – User Interface and User Design

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UI/UX – User Interface and User Design

Below, you will find some interface designs created for clients during iterative design sessions with team members and project stakeholders. These designs represent visuals I created to be put into production as final products. These screens and applications took many steps from the gathering of functional and technical requirements, to the wireframing and documentation of the workflows involved. I had to create mockups on the fly in design sessions then translate that into documentation that all stake holders could read and agree upon, from there we moved to the layout of screen elements and then on to final designs. Creating functional and easy to use applications is a process that requires many skill sets to properly facilitate. Developing a User Interface and User Design approach for a particular project is always an interesting time as you need to learn what your users need in a piece of software. Its the users who drive the interface design, not the designer, so the designer has to be adept at gathering requirements for the project.

User_Preferences_Activities_B copy

User_Preferences_Applications_b copy

User_Preferences_Subscriptions_B2 copy

UI/UX – Premiere Healthcare

IV_to_PO_Conversion_Page_1 copy

IV_to_PO_Conversion_Page_2 copy

IV_to_PO_Conversion_Page_3 copy

IV_to_PO_Conversion_Page_4 copy

Find_an_app3 copy

My_apps_drilldown_access copy

My_apps_drilldown_no_access copy

My_apps_home3 copyPREM05_WF_Reporting_it9_page_4 copy

PREM05_WF_Reporting_it9_page_4_modal copy




PREM05_WF_Reporting_it9_page_30_When copy

CareCenter2 CareCenter1 alerts

UI/UX – Cordys







UI/UX demo for Garretson Firm by Gaston Digital