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Training and Technical Writing

As I have mentioned in the About Us section on the homepage, much of my career has been focused on training program design and development. The process of creating training programs usually begins with some sort of documentation. From user guides to technical manuals, new employee handbooks to compliance codices I have had many experience writing technical compendiums of all sorts. The level of complexity usually defined by the target audience. In soft skill training, I would employ a more conversational approach, that illustrated the spirit of the information while focusing on being easy to read and understand. In other instances, for example, compliance documentation and training, I would employ a more technical and strict approach. In most cases I would adhere to the Chicago Manual of Style as much as possible to ensure that my written documentation was standards driven and reflected current publishing practices.

Once the documentation was written, I was then free to create web based, interactive training modules using software like Captivate and Camtasia. Sometimes, in the event that I was documenting computer software, I would convert the written documentation to both online and inline help systems using Robohelp. I would usually include some videos in the training modules or help files to keep the trainees engaged and reduce eye fatigue and to help them feel less overwhelmed with data, which can happen when your training program consists solely or mostly of large technical documents. I have found this process to be most effective when producing documentation and training materials.

For about the last 15 years or so, I have worked only in the financial sector and because of strict banking and financial regulations, I cannot display full internal training programs and documents to external audiences. I can only show some segments that highlight what can be done with training software such as Adobe Captivate, Camtasia and others when combined with high-level Photoshop and Flash and video skills. Please take a moment to view some of these training samples and videos.


Retirement Services Demo 2 – Adobe Captivate



If you are interested in retaining me to produce technical documentation or training, please contact me for more information on the subject.

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Part of a series called the adobe minute I used in training programs and as a web demo.