About Gaston Digital

About Gaston Digital


Gaston Digital is Michael Pereira. It is a technology company created and staffed by one man, located in Gaston County, North Carolina. The site is used as a demo for the skill set and work of Michael Pereira to serve as a digital resume of sorts and to find side work as a consultant. It is my mission to provide small and mid-size companies the same high quality branding and media services that are usually reserved for large companies and corporations. I want to help you compete for local business and we can help level the playing field by offering our services at an affordable price.


About Michael Pereira – Founder and Developer

I have been in the technology industry for over twenty years and my first computer ran Windows for Wokgroups 3.51. This was long before Graphical User Interface (GUI) that we all know now as Windows.I got my start in the technology field first providing support in call centers then I became a technical trainer. Back then, being a technical trainer consisted of doing a lot of technical writing and leading classroom based training. At that tim eI was working for BellSouth Mobility DCS, a local mobile phone carrier. After a few years of that I moved on to become a trainer for Adobe Systems, one of the largest software companies in the world. I trained Pagemaker, which has now evolved into InDesign, Photoshop, FrameMaker, GoLive (Adobe’s answer to Dreamweaver), LiveMotion (Adobe’s answer to Macromedia’s Flash program. The eventually gave up these efforts an just bought Macromedia and acquired Dreamweaver and Flash.) as well as Premiere and After Effects Adobe’s two production level video editing and special effects programs. A couple years later I landed a job as a trainer for Apple computers, arguably the largest and most important computer and software company in the world. My experience at Adobe included learning and teaching on both the Windows and Macintosh platforms, so I was already very familiar with Apple software and hardware and was an easy choice for becoming a trainer with Apple in their Desktop Support division. After teaching others to use and support graphics, technical writing, video and animation software for so long, I became fairly proficient in all of these fields and incorporated that into my training program creation, resulting in some of the forst blended learning peograms at both Adobe and Apple. Students no longer needed to hear me lecture for 40 hours a week, they could now take learning modules on our internal network. before long, I was working with databases to capture test results and began creating online training full time. I began working as a contractor with many of the local banks and financial institutions in the Charlotte area and eventually landed at HSBC, the worlds largest bank, for a little over seven years. When they closed shop here in Charlotte, I moved back into contracting with other banks and financial institutions which I have been doing until this very day. I have worked at almost every bank that has a presence in the Charlotte region, as well as the larger financial companies and even an investment software firm for a couple years. I also do some contract work on the side for smaller clients, building websites, software applications and branding materials such as logos, videos and animations. Though my career has been centered in the training sector, I often end up doing work for various departments in the companies I work for. Most often the marketing and compliance departments, who can always use a hand with branding, web development, video production and technical writing, get me involved in their projects. I like to stay busy so I to get involved with interesting side work in addition to my full time work. I endeavor to put Gastonia on the map when it comes to world-class design, development and video production. I want to see small business have chance to compete with larger companies and to that end I offer my services at a very fair price. If you can use any of these services, please do not hesitate to contact me today for an immediate consultation. We offer cutting edge quality at a much more affordable price than most other companies, mostly because we can perform all duties in-house and have little overhead. If you like what you see, please contact me and let’s see what I can do for you. Thank you for your time.

For more information on Gaston Digital, or Michael Pereira visit michaelpereira.info

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Technical Proficiencies


Apache Windows
Eclipse (Java) Macintosh


ASP Classic CSS
VBScript Javascript
HTML Jquery


Adobe Acrobat Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Captivate Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Dreamweaver Adobe Premiere
Adobe InDesign Adobe After Effects
Adobe Framemaker Adobe Audition
Adobe Robohelp Microsoft Visual Studio
Adobe Flash Microsoft Silverlight
Adobe Flashbuilder Microsoft Office Suite

Content Management Systems

Joomla WordPress
Expression Engine Microsoft SharePoint
Oracle UCM

Database Management Software

Microsoft Access Microsoft SQL Server
MySQL XML – Flat Files

* I also use other assorted software and systems that are too small and many to mention.